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Business Tax Prep

Business Tax Prep

We offer the following tax services to business tax clients:

Tax Return Compliance

Our tax services focus on the preparation of federal and tax returns. Our tax professionals possess a high level of technical and industry-specific expertise, allowing them to prepare our clients’ tax returns efficiently and in a timely manner.

Research Credit Calculations

We assist businesses in determining eligibility for federal and state research credits, assist with documentation requirements, and calculate the tax credit amount.

Real Estate Cost Segregation Studies

At Freedom Tax and Accounting Services, LLC, we offer effective cost segregation strategies that can be used to accelerate real estate tax depreciation deductions for businesses, resulting in tax deferral and increased cash flow.

Cost segregation works by separating the costs of property from the building, land acquisition or construction costs, resulting in an immediate increase in cash flow through accelerated depreciation tax deductions and the ability to write off major components and leasehold improvements when they are replaced or renovated. Additionally, this also allows the property to have a shorter useful life for depreciation purposes when it stands on its own than when it is combined with the longer-lived building or land, providing significant benefits to the business.

  • Apartment
  • Assisted Living
  • Auto dealerships
  • Hospitals and medical facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Retail stores and shopping centers
  • Apartment or condominium complexes
  • Supermarkets and restaurants

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